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Business Strategy Development and Implementation

Technology and Product Development and Management

Business Development

Program and Project Management

Business Process Development and Management

R&D, IP, Operations Management

Oil & Gas Industry Drilling Bits and Cutters


I have managed project programs covering a variety of projects , ranging from research and product development, to developing and implementing new business processes. And as an Oil and Gas industry expert on a Business Acquisition project.


Whether it be a short-term, medium or long term project, I can help.


In addition to my years working with Element Six (a member of the De Beers Group of Companies), I have also done work directly for:

De Beers

A private equity firm on an acquisition An industrial product manufacturer seeking to grow their business internationally.

Solving problems. Realising opportunities.

Your business. Success.


I like to solve problems and realise opportunities. A qualified Mechanical and Materials Engineer, I also have a scientific background and more than 20 years global industry experience covering R&D, product development, business process improvement, commercial strategy and senior management. I have lived and worked in South Africa, Ireland, the USA and the UK and enjoy working with people who are enthusiastic and want to make a positive difference - wherever that might be.

Whether that be developing new, innovative products and commercialising these successfully; improving or implementing new business processes for greater efficiency or developing new business strategies and plans to effectively implement these. If you need help and want someone to work alongside you to solve problems and realise opportunities to help your business growth, I would love to hear from you.

Your business. Success.



Clement van der Riet

van der Riet Consulting

Wantage, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

I am based near Oxford in the United Kingdom, but depending on your needs, I am available to consult globally.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Tel: +44 (0)7557 968917

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