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Your business is unique. The challenges you face and the opportunities you have are varied and wide, but identifying and addressing the ones that make the biggest difference is critical. While you are the expert in your business and usually capable of doing this, you also have other priorities and can sometimes use help. Whether that is coming up with better solutions to your problems; or working alongside you as an independent, external observer to help you deliver on your opportunities, I can bring my experience, insights and an 'extra pair of hands'.

Having worked in a high-tech industry for many years, I have broad-ranging experience across the entire value chain from R&D, to product development, business management and strategy. Furthermore, I am by nature logical, analytical and practical, as well being a team player who is able to work well with people from across the spectrum - at all levels and with all functions within a Company, as well as with customers and suppliers. This equips me to work with you to come up with solutions to your problems and ways to realise opportunities that will enable you to deliver profitable business growth.

Please do contact me to discuss your needs by clicking on the relevant booking form below or by contacting me directly by phone or email.

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